The Impact of Your Support

Your generous support helps The Gladney Center fulfill its mission of creating bright futures around the world. Proceeds from Sips & Dips will support Gladney’s domestic and international adoption programs as well as related services such as birth mother care, transitional care, and humanitarian aid.

Gladney is one of the leading agencies in Texas that finds permanent loving homes for children in foster care - last year almost 60 children found a Gladney family. This gift will provide enough funding to recruit two families, provide counseling to the adoptive families and also post-placement counseling and support for the adopted children.
Provides room and board for the average stay of a residential birth mother living in Gladney’s maternity home.
Will allow 20 children from the Casa de Maria orphanage in Medellin, Colombia to travel 20 miles each way to a school where they will receive an education and learn English for an entire year.
Will provide baby formula and diapers for two months in our eight of foster homes in Ethiopia.

Will cover the delivery expenses for one birth mother who does not have Medicaid.
Will provide nutritional supplements and a nutritionist to monitor the health of 35 children for one year in the Chiquitinas Orphanage in Cali, Colombia.
Will provide counseling for one year for five Russian orphans who are now living on their own and find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. The counseling will focus on parenting skills, job skills, training, or making an adoption plan.

Helps cover college tuition for a former birth mother for one year.
Will pay for one year of college in Ethiopia, including books, housing, and transportation.
Will pay for the medical care for one child in a Chinese orphanage for one year.
Will hire one grandmother in Bulgaria to work with two children, eight hours a day, in a Bulgarian orphanage for an entire year.

Provides diapers, formula, and medicine for 25 children in transitional care for one month.
Will pay the salary for one caregiver in our Ethiopia foster homes for one year.

Provides clothing, shoes, books, and school supplies for five children in a Honduras orphanage.
Provides Loving Decisions adoption counseling for three birth mothers for one year.
Will provide job skills training for a birthmother through Gladney’s Next Steps program.

Will provide clean water for a child in Ethiopia for a year.
Will provide physical therapy for six months for a special needs child in China.
Will pay for four counseling sessions a month at a crisis pregnancy center to present adoption as an option.